President of DIGITALEUROPE, Dr Erkki Ormala, writes about the European Digital Agenda for neurope:

Europe is at a cross road. In the climate of a continuing fiscal crisis most of our energy is focused on short-term fiscal consolidation. This issue must be resolved in an appropriate way to restore macroeconomic stability which ultimately is a precondition for growth and prosperity in Europe.

At the same time a digital revolution is sweeping societies and businesses across the globe. Countries which have been quick to respond are enjoying the benefits and making their way to the top of world rankings. Emerging economies are a case in point; their impressive positive growth figures can be attributed to their willingness to embrace this digitally driven revolution. Europe too has a window of opportunity to capitalise on the growth potential embedded in this digitally driven revolution.

Investing in innovation is a prerequisite for harnessing Europe’s growth potential and ensuring macro-economic stability. DIGITALEUROPE applauds the European Commission for its foresight in responding to this need through flaship initiatives like the Innovation Union, a highlight of the Barroso II Presidency. The Innovation Union acknowledges that the creation of a competitive innovative ICT industry sector is a corner stone of job creation and long term economic dividends in the EU. DIGITALEUROPE shares the European Commission’s view that there is a need to focus EU innovation on the Grand Challenges, but we are also conscious that the greatest challenge of all in Europe is to restore economic growth.

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