The opportunities that digital technologies offer to our society are countless. More and more devices that we use on a daily basis – phones, computers, tablets, cars or fridges – are or will be connected. The Internet is not only used as an unlimited source of information anymore but it is at the centre of our lives. We are truly living in an application economy where apps are driving new business models, creating jobs and enabling innovative new services. We use our devices to listen to music, to shop, to access bank accounts or to store data. We are living in an economy that is digital. But as the industry keeps innovating, the cyber threats keep evolving.

The importance of awareness raising has now been acknowledged for some years in the European Union. The Cybersecurity Awareness Month in October is supported by the European Network and Information Security Agency (ENISA) and the European Commission. It aims at promoting awareness about cyber security among citizens and enterprises, providing information through education and sharing good practices. “Being aware” constitutes a crucial step in ensuring that citizens can be fully empowered by the tools that today’s and tomorrow’s innovative technology offers them.

This year again, we will play our part in the ECSM. DIGITALEUROPE is organising an educational workshop, hosted by Member of the European Parliament Pilar del Castillo, a leader within the European Parliament on digital. We will use this opportunity to outline what is happening, what the industry is doing to protect products and services, how industry and government respond when an incident occurs and our overall cooperation. It will also include a speaker from ENISA.

Cybersecurity is often regarded as an issue for organisations, rather than individuals. But while the involvement of governments and industry are of utmost importance to fight cyber threats, cybersecurity should be a concern for us all.

That is also why in addition to the workshop, DIGITALEUROPE’s members are raising awareness inside their own organisations and hosting external events.

Let’s use this month’s opportunity to raise awareness, but particularly to reinforce the fact that citizens have a critical part to play in ensuring we have a safe and secure online environment.


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